Places To Visit

See bellow a collection of the best and most famous places to visit in Kalkan. This is just an idea of what Kalkan has to offer, with some of the favourite beaches and restaurants in the area. Or simply discover your own, Kalkan has its secret places hidden all over! 


On the Turkish Mediterranean coast, Kalkan has some beautiful sandy beaches nearby.

Including Patara Beach (Left) with over 12 miles of brilliant blue crystal-clear sea and golden sand, the largest beach in Turkey. Here you can relax on the sunbeds near the beach restaurant, or find somewhere a little more private further down this vast coast.

Another spectacular local beach is Kaputas Beach (Right). This smaller cove, is loved for its clear turquoise waters and beautiful mountain views. Spend you time relaxing on the sunbeds or exploring the blue caves of Kas. Just a walk up the beach to the bar/restaurant for an ice cold drink.

See below the map of locations of these two beaches..


Xanthos Ruins - Patara

The Xanthos Ruins are right next to Patara Beach, as mentioned above. This is a wonderful and historic place to spend the day walking and exploring the ruins.

A vast area of places to discover, as this was the capital city of the Lycain federation (8th century BC). Explore monuments such as the Amphitheatre, Roman-Byzantine Street and even the oldest lighthouse in the world, is situated here!


Turkey is known for it's delicious freshly made dishes, with home grown spices, vegetables and meat from local farms. Favourite dishes include meze, pide, stuffed vine leaves, Borek pastries and Turkish kebabs. And the sweeter dishes include Baklava and  Turkish delights. Kalkan has  plenty of restaurants all with Traditional Turkish Cuisine, and all with wonderful views from their terrace restaurants. Below is a few of our hand picked places that we visit regular, due to their fantastic food and amazing service.

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