Covid-19 Information

Cleaning Precautions & Arrival, Departure Safety

Cleaning Precautions: 


We have taken strict measures to ensure each villa is sanitised and made safe for every guest to enjoy their holiday and feel at ease. The organic spray is applied throughout the villas and cleans all surfaces including furniture, floors and walls.

99.9% of bacteria is killed including the corona virus!

The spray used throughout the villas is 100% Organic. It does not include any toxic, poisonous or metallic substance.

The villas are cleaned thourouly between guests departing and arriving to ensure everyones safety.


See both walk through videos, cleaning all furniture outside and all rooms inside the villa.

On your Arrival and Departure:


We will be following all social distancing rules on your arrival and departure! 


On your arrival usually, you will be met with us so we can provide you with the key(s) and give you extra details and info on the area. 


In this case we will greet you on your arrival with social distancing in place, and the key will have been sanitised and left in the door of your villa to ensure it is kept clean.

On departure, you can leave your key in the door of the villa. And we will contact you via email/phone to ask about your stay with us.

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